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QCD Meets Gravity Workshop

December 5-9, 2016

QCD Meets Gravity Tentative Schedule (last updated 2016-12-07 11:14 Pacific): Note first day starts at 8:40 AM. Talks will be 25+5 minutes. Student talks 20+5 minutes.

Thursday and Friday discussion leaders: Nima Arkani-Hamed, Simon Caron-Huot , Henrik Johansson, Donal O'Connell.

Monday Dec. 5, 2016 UCLA Faculty Center
8:40-8:45    Welcome to Bhaumik Institute
8:45-9:15     Radu Roiban - "Modern methods in scattering amplitudes -- a bird’s eye view"
9:15-9:45     Ricardo Monteiro - "Black holes and the double copy"
9:45-10:15    Tim Adamo - "Space-time CFTs from the worldsheet"
10:15-10:45   Coffee (30 minutes)
10:45-11:15    Free discussion time
11:15-11:45     Marco Chiodaroli - "Maxwell-Einstein and Yang-Mills-Einstein supergravities as double copies"
11:45-12:15    Congkao Wen - "Universality in String interactions, and BCJ basis for bosonic open string amplitudes"
12:15-1:45     Lunch
1:45-2:15      Stephen Naculich - "Color-factor symmetry of gauge-theory amplitudes"
2:15-2:45     Michael Duff - "Twin supergravities from squaring yang-mills"
2:45-3:15     Gang Yang - "Color-Kinematics Duality at Five Loops"
3:15-4:00     Coffee (45 minutes)
4:00-4:30    Mao Zeng - "New integration-by-parts techniques for gravity amplitudes"
4:30-5:00    Yvonne Geyer - "Loop integrands from Ambitwistor Strings"
5:00-5:30    Free discussion time

Tuesday Dec. 6, 2016 UCLA Faculty Center
8:45-9:15     Lionel Mason - "The Correlahedron"
9:15-9:45     Song He - "New representations of one-loop amplitudes"
9:45-10:15    Oliver Schlotterer - "KLT relations at one loop"
10:15-10:45   Coffee (30 minutes)
10:45-11:15    Pierre Vanhove - "Higher-loop monodromy relations in string and quantum field theory"
11:15-11:45     Piotr Tourkine - "At the roots of the ambitwistor string, a null string"
11:45-12:15    Jake Bourjaily - "Prescriptive Unitarity with Colour"
12:15-1:45     Lunch
1:45-2:15      Alexander Ochirov - "Perturbative spacetimes from Yang-Mills theory"
2:15-2:45     Wei-Ming Chen - "A Surprising observation for 5-loop integrand in N=8 supergravity"
2:45-3:15     John Joseph Carrasco - "Efficiency from Geometry: how to solve double-copy quantum field theories with triangles"
3:15-4:00     Coffee (45 minutes)
4:00-5:30    Bhaumik Lecture: Nima Arkani-Hamed - "Unification and Fundamental Physics: A Status Report"
Conference dinner 6:30 PM

Wed. Morning Dec. 7, 2016 UCLA Faculty Center
8:45-9:15     Walter Goldberger - "Classical QCD meets gravitational radiation"
9:15-9:45     Silvia Nagy - "N=2 BPS black holes from the double copy"
Student talks
9:45-10:10      Enrico Herrmann - "Poles at Infinity in Gravity"
10:10-10:35    Grant Remmen - "Twofold Invariances of Pure Gravity"
10:35-11:05    Coffee (30 minutes)
11:05-11:30   Andres Luna Godoy - "Non-flat Kerr-Schild double copy"
11:30-11:55     Michael Enciso - "Logarithms and Polytopes"
11:55-12:20     Chia-Hsien Shen - "Symmetry and Action for Flavor-Kinematics Duality"
12:20-12:45     Alex Edison - "Super-Gauss-Bonnet and Other Evanescent Operators in Half-Maximal SUGRA"

Wed. Dec. 7, 2016 afternoon: discussion and free time, 4th floor Physics and Astronomy or visit the sights of LA.

Thurs. Dec. 8, 2016: Caltech field trip to make use of their discussion areas and blackboards. 8 AM bus from Tiverton House to Caltech. Return at 6:30 PM.

Fri. Dec. 9, 2016: Open discussions at UCLA 4th floor Physics and Astronomy

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