Visiting the Institute

The UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy is located in the Physics and Astronomy Building (PAB) and Knudsen Hall. The administrative offices of the Mani L. Bhaumik Institute are located on the fourth floor of the Physics and Astronomy building.

To view an interactive campus map, a printable (PDF) campus map, and complete driving directions, visit the UCLA Campus maps website.

PAB and Knudsen Hall are connected and located northwest of the intersection between Hilgard Avenue and Westholme Avenue. Parking Structure 2 (P2) and the Parking Information Kiosk (i) are both located at this intersection.

All-day parking permits for Parking Structure 2 are available for $12.00 cash at the Information Kiosk. All-day and short-term permits are also available for purchase by credit card via Pay-by-Space meters inside Parking Structure 2. Look for the Pay-by-Space entrances located at various intervals around Parking Structure 2.

UPCOMING Visiting scholars

July 2018

July 2nd-September 5th: Joseph Farrow, Durham University (hosted by Zvi Bern)

July 9th-July 20th: Sam and Megan Gralla, University of Arizona (hosted by Smadar Noaz)

August 2018

July 30th-August 3rd: Enrico Herrman, SLAC (hosted by Zvi Bern)

August 13th-14th: Emily Nardoni, UCSD (hosted by Thomas Dumitrescu)

August 31st: Ken Intriligator, UCSD (hosted by Thomas Dumitrescu)

September 2018

September 9th-12th: Achilleas Passias, Uppsala (hosted by Michael Gutperle)

October 2018

October 2nd: Mark Trodden, UPenn, TEP Seminar speaker (hosted by Chia-Hsien Shen)

October 9th: Tom Hartman, Cornell University, TEP Seminar speaker (hosted by Thomas Dumitrescu)

October 16th-17th: Anna Ijjas, Harvard, TEP Seminar speaker (hosted by Zvi Bern)

October 23rd: Clay Cordova, Princeton, TEP Seminar speaker (hosted by Thomas Dumitrescu)

October 30th: Alex Belin, University of Amsterdam, TEP Seminar speaker (hosted by Per Kraus)

November 2018

November 6th: Markus Luty, UC Davis, TEP Seminar speaker

November 13: Daniel Brennan, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, TEP Seminar speaker

November 20: Alejandra Castro, University of Amsterdam, TEP Seminar speaker

November 27th: Silviu Pufu, Princeton, TEP Seminar speaker (hosted by Thomas Dumitrescu)

December 2018

1st week of December: Thomas Blum, UCONN; Lance Dixon, SLAC; William Marciano, Brookhaven (Organizers for SchwingerFest2018: g-2)

December 11: Matt Reece, Harvard, TEP Seminar speaker

January 2019

January 23rd-March 23rd: Massimo Porrati, New York University (hosted by Zvi Bern)

Past Visiting Scholars