Shouvik DattaShouvik Datta will be a Senior Research Fellow at CERN.  

Shouvik is working on two-dimensional conformal field theories and their deformations. He is very keen on exploring how these can improve our understanding of gravity and black holes, via the holographic correspondence.

Ben MichelBen Michel will hold a four-year joint position at CEA Saclay and Ecole Polytechnique. 

Ben is currently developing microscopic tools to explore the relationship between quantum information and quantum gravity, which requires a fundamental understanding of how collective phenomena, such as entanglement, emerge from the physics of strongly-interacting non-gravitational quantum systems.

Chia HsienChia-Hsien Shen received many offers and in the end, decided to join the theory group at UC San Diego.

Chia-Hsien is an expert on scattering amplitudes, double-copy relations, effective field theories and how to apply these ideas to state-of-the-art gravitational-wave calculations.