Samuel Abreu joins the Bhaumik Institute as a joint Bhaumik/CERN Postdoctoral Fellow:

Samuel Abreu has joined the Bhaumik Institute as the first CERN/Bhaumik postdoctoral fellow. The appointment is arranged jointly with the CERN theory group and is for a total of four years.  During the first two years, Samuel will be based at CERN and in the final two years at the Bhaumik Institute. The fellowship includes generous travel funds to facilitate travel and collaboration between CERN and UCLA.  Samuel is an expert in precision collider physics that searches for physics beyond the Standard Model needed to provide guidance for unification.  The techniques he has helped develop are also of importance for problems in gravity, as described in one of his recent papers. Samuel received his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh before holding postdoctoral positions at Freiburg and Louvain.



Justin Vines joins the Bhaumik Institute as a joint Bhaumik/AEI Postdoctoral Fellow:

Justin Vines has joined the Bhaumik Institute as the first joint Bhaumik/Albert Einstein Institute (Potsdam) postdoctoral fellow. The position is for four years. For the first two years, Justin will be based at AEI and the final two years at the Bhaumik Institute. Justin will serve as a bridge between the two Institutes, linking particle physics and gravitational-wave physics.  The same types of techniques that are used to describe scattering events at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN turns out to be helpful for the problem of gravitational-wave emissions from inspiraling binary black holes. Indeed, the double-copy construction gives a direct link between the gauge interactions of particle physics and the gravitational interactions of black holes.  Justin's area of expertise is gravitational-wave physics where he has made important contributions especially to our understanding of spin interactions between black holes. He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University.