Enrico Herrmann is our first Julian Schwinger Prize Postdoctoral Fellow at the Mani L. Bhaumik Insitute. This fellowship is named in honor of the legendary theoretical physicist Julian Schwinger, who was a member of the UCLA faculty for a period of 20 years. The appointment is for four years. Enrico has contributed to our understanding of scattering amplitudes and fundamental aspects of quantum field theory, including studies of the amplituhedron, unitarity, super-Yang-Mills theory double copy and ultraviolet properties of supergravity.  After receiving his PhD from Caltech, Erico held his first postdoctoral position at SLAC.  We are delighted he is joining the Bhaumik Institute.


Adrian Culver is joining the Bhaumik Institute as a Joseph P. Rudnick Prize Postdoctoral Fellow as part of our expansion into quantum entanglement and quantum computing.  Adrian plans to work on topological variation of quantum impurity systems (e.g. quantum dot coupled to to a topological qubit), which is of interest as a possible quantum computation platform. He also plans to explore quantum decoherence in the context of specific time-driven interacting systems (many-body localized phases) which are known to avoid decoherence and thermalization. Adrian recieved his PhD from Rutgers University. This fellowship is named in honor of our previous Dean, who played an essential role in launching and supporting the Bhaumik Institute.