Notice for QCD Meets Gravity 2022:

QCD Meets Gravity 2022 will be held Dec 12-16 in Zurich

Workshop Details

December 13-17, 2021

Location: Via Zoom

QCD 2021

This is the 7th in a series of meetings for researchers interested in the remarkable correspondence between Yang-Mills theory and gravity, known as the double-copy construction. Due to the continuing pandemic the meeting will be on line, following a similar format as used last year. The meeting brings together experts in both gauge and gravity theories including supersymmetric extensions and focuses on bringing the methodologies developed for gauge theories to handle problems in gravity. An early manifestation of this is the KLT relations. The BCJ double-copy construction has greatly simplified multiloop perturbative computations in gravity theories, leading to new insight into the ultraviolet properties of gravity theories. Currently, there is an intense global research activity to understand the origin of the relationship as well as to apply it to more general classical solutions in General Relativity, including the important problem of gravitational radiation from compact astrophysical objects. This year significant component will be devoted to discussing recent developments on gravitational EFTs that arise from unitarity and positivity. Registration will not be necessary since everything will be available via zoom. For zoom link, please email 


Talk slots are 25+5 minutes

*The listed times are local to Los Angeles*

Monday Dec. 13,  IPAM

Session Chair: Mikhail Solon

7:55-8:00           Zvi Bern: Welcome to Bhaumik Institute

8:00-8:45           David Simmon-Duffin  (40 + 5 min), "Dispersive Bounds on EFTs" Recording

8:45-9:15           Francesco Riva, "The IR side of positivity bounds" Recording

9:15-9:45           Brando Bellazzini, "Causality in Gravity and the Self-Stress of Photons" Recording

 9:45-10:15        coffee

Session Chair: Enrico Herrmann

10:15-10:45      Claudia de Rham, "Reverse Bootstrapping: From Gravitational positivity bounds to Constraints on the Regge Behaviour" Recording

10:45-11:15       Pedro Vieira, "Close to 0.14 (or where is String Theory?)" Recording

11:15-11:45       Simon Caron-Huot, "Causality and modifications of Einstein's gravity" Recording

 11:45-12:45      Lunch/Discussion

Session Chair: Chris White

12:45-13:15       Grant Remmen, "Causality, Unitarity, and the Weak Gravity Conjecture" Recording

13:15-14:00       Nima Arkani-Hamed (40 + 5 min), "Aspects of High-Energy Scattering in String Theory" Recording

14:00-17:30       coffee/discussion time for those awake


Tuesday Dec. 14, IPAM

Session Chair: Sasha Zhiboedov

8:00-8:30           Yu-tin Huang, "De-projection of gravitational EFThedron"  Recording

8:30-9:00           Aninda Sinha, Crossing symmetric dispersion relations and EFT bounds Recording

9:00-9:30           Mariana Carrillo-Gonzalez, "Massive 3D Double Copy: from Amplitudes to Gravitational waves" Recording

9:30-10:00         coffee

Session Chair: Yvonne Geyer

10:00-10:30       Guilherme Pimentel, “Differential equations for cosmological correlators” Recording

10:30-11:00       Ricardo Monteiro, "Superstring Loop Amplitudes from the Field Theory Limit" Recording

11:00-11:30       Hofie Hannesdottir, "Constraints on the Analytic Structure of Iterated Feynman Integrals" Recording

11:30-12:00       Andreas Helset, Geometric Soft Theorems Recording

12:00-13:00      Lunch/Discussion

Session Chair: Pierre Vahove 

13:00-13:30      Minshan Zheng, "Integrands of Less-Supersymmetric Yang-Mills at One Loop" Recording

13:30-14:00      Dimitrios Kosmopoulos, "Gravitational Effective Field Theory Islands and the Four-Graviton Amplitude" Recording

 14:00-17:30      coffee/discussion time for those awake


Wednesday Dec. 15, IPAM

Session Chair: Henrik Johansson

8:00-8:45           Henriette Elvang (40 + 5 min), "Effective Field Theories and the Double-CopyRecording

8:45-9:15           Riccardo Rattazzi, "EFT bounds beyond weak coupling"  Recording

9:15-9:45           Matt Lewandowski, "Factoring inflation: a double copy approach to Volkov-Akulov goldstinos in dynamic space-time" Recording

9:45-10:15         coffee

Session Chair: Jaroslav Trnka

10:15-10:45        Fei Teng, "Color-kinematics duality on curved spacetime background" Recording

10:45-11:15        Alex Edison, "Constructing the 6 Loop 4 Point N=4 SYM Integrand" Recording

11:15-11:45        Gang Chen, "Kinematic Hopf algebra, heavy double copy and classical gravitational scattering” Recording

11:45-12:45       Lunch/Discussion

Session Chair: Emil Bjerrum Bohr

12:45-13:15       Riccardo Gonzo, “An infinity of amplitude relations in classical physics” Recording

13:15-13:45       Andrzej Pokraka, “The Duals of Feynman Integrals”  Recording

 13:45-14:15       Coffee/ open for discussion


Thursday Dec. 16, IPAM

Session Chair: Alessandra Buonanno

8:00-8:45           Thibault Damour (40 + 5 min), "Radiative Contributions to Gravitational Scattering" Recording 

8:45-9:15           Peter Marquard, "Binary black hole systems in a non-relativistic effective theory"*

9:15-9:45           Chia-Hsien Shen, "Tail Effect in Binary Scattering" Recording

 9:45-10:15        coffee

Session Chair: Radu Roiban

10:15-10:45       Ludovic Plante, “ A method to extract classical gravity from scattering amplitudes”  Recording

10:45-11:15       David Kosower, "Amplitudes, Waveforms, and Coherent StatesRecording

11:15-11:45       Marco Chiodaroli, "Double-copy construction for gauged supergravities and non-compact Yang-Mills-Einstein supergravities" Recording

11:45-12:45       Lunch/Discussion

Session Chair:  Shruti Paranjape

12:45-13:15       Stavros Mougiakakos, "Gravitational Bremsstrahlung in the PMEFT" Recording

13:15-13:45       Yilber Bautista, Soft theorems and classical radiation Recording

13:45-17:30     coffee/discussion time for those awake


Friday Dec. 17, IPAM

Session Chair: Gabriele Veneziano

8:00-8:30           Gang Yang, "Making Spurious-Poles Real via Double-Copy" Recording

8:30-9:00           Justin Vines, “On geodesics, and test-black-hole motion, in Kerr”  Recording

9:00-9:30           Andres Luna, "Spinning binaries, Amplitudes and EFT" Recording

 9:30-10:00        coffee

Session Chair: Julio Parra-Martinez

10:00-10:30       Ira Rothstein, "Non-unitary effects in Black hole interactions" Recording

10:30-11:00       Manuel Accettulli Huber, The effect of higher-derivative interactions on classical  observables” Recording

11:00-11:30       Stefano De Angelis, “SMEFT and Scattering Amplitudes” Recording

11:30-12:00       David Peinador Veiga, “Classical Solutions and Their Double Copy from Amplitudes” Recording

12:00-13:00       Lunch/Discussion

Session Chair: John Joseph Carrasco

13:00-13:30       Donal O'Connell, "Gravity defined through Amplitudes" Recording

13:30-14:00       discussion

14:00-17:30       coffee/discussion time for those awake