Mani L. Bhaumik messageI wish to express my deepest appreciation to UCLA for establishing the Mani L. Bhaumik Institute for Theoretical Physics, fulfilling my long cherished vision. Theoretical physics is at the basis of all fundamental sciences including physics itself. Every great physics department needs to be strong in theoretical physics.

The intuition of giants like Einstein and many others has changed the course of human history. Technology spawned by science has already given us material abundance that our forefathers could only dream of. I believe science, especially theoretical physics, is capable of bringing a greater transformation by enormously broadening our mental horizon. The much anticipated discovery of unification of all forces and matter in the universe at its deepest level would surely have a profound impact in this regard. I am exceptionally happy knowing this is one of the foremost goals of the Institute.

I realize that my modest donation is just seed funding for starting a superb Institute. I hope very much that in the future other like-minded people will see the wisdom of having a theoretical physics institute and help contribute to its expansion into other areas of theoretical physics. I look forward to the day when the Institute will be able to fully support many areas of theoretical physics, including newly emergent ones.

I wish the Institute the best of luck in this glorious endeavor and look forward to great achievements in the coming years.