The formation of the Mani L. Bhaumik Institute for Theoretical Physics is a landmark event at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UCLA. We are deeply indebted to Dr. Bhaumik for his generous support that made this possible.                              


Institutes for Theoretical Physics play a crucial role, even in the modern era of instantaneous global communication. Nothing is better than intense face-to-face discussions for spreading and exchanging new cutting-edge ideas. It is the way new advances are made.

In keeping with this ideal, the Institute will run a robust visitor program, and will host workshops, conferences and public lectures on cutting-edge topics. In addition, we will host a Bhaumik Lecture series, constructing a library of lectures on a variety of topics from distinguished leaders. We can look forward to an exciting visitor program, bringing cutting-edge research to UCLA from around the world.

The Institute already starts from a solid foundation of exciting programs in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. A primary goal is to maintain and expand this excellence, starting in theoretical elementary particle physics and issues related to the unification of forces and matter. Concurrently, we also plan to support theorists, as best as possible, in all areas of physics, especially at the junior faculty level. It will also help provide advanced training for postdocs and graduate students in a multi-disciplinary environment. I expect the Institute to help us recruit the most talented junior faculty to join the UCLA family. The Institute will be an exciting place for our students and postdocs!

 Our future has never been brighter! As founding director, I look forward to working with colleagues from around the Department to build a leading Institute for Theoretical Physics.

lounge opening


Membership in the Bhaumik Institute is open to any person in the theoretical physics community at UCLA. If you wish to become a member please contact me.