Prof. Zhongbo Kang has won an NSF Career Award for theoretical work in quantum chromodynamics and nucleon structure. Read more.

blue particle




Congratulations to our three postdocs, Shouvik Datta, Ben Michel and Chia-Hsien Shen for receiving great postdoc positions starting this autumn. Read More.



Congratulations to our graduate students Julio Parra-Martinez and Justin Kaidi who both received prestigious postgraduate positions. Read More.





American Astronomical Society has announced that Smadar Naoz is the recipient of the Helen B. Warner Prize for 2020 for her many early career contributions to theoretical astrophysics. Read More.





Mikhail Solon will be joining the Bhaumik Institute as a new faculty member. Read More.


Prof. Sergio Ferrara, UCLA faculty and member of the Bhaumik Institute, has won the 2019 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. Read More.


Thomas Dumitrescu, assistant professor, has been awarded the prestigious Department of Energy Office of Science Early Career Award. Read more here. 

Mani and Miguel

Dr. Mani L. Bhuamik endows three new funds for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Read More.