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SchwingerFest 2022: g-2

June 14-17, 2022

Organizers: Zvi Bern (UCLA), Tom Blum (Chair, Storrs), Gilberto Colangelo (U. of Bern), Lance Dixon (SLAC), Aida El-Khadra (Illinois), Enrico Herrmann (UCLA), and Dominik Stoeckinger (Dresden) 

Julius SchwingerThe Mani L. Bhaumik Institute and the Julian Schwinger Foundation will  be hosting a workshop on the latest developments on the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon. Julian Schwinger, who spent 20 years at UCLA, was the first to calculate the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron in quantum electrodynamics.

Today, high precision measurements of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon from the Fermilab g-2 experiment and the earlier Brookhaven one point to physics beyond the Standard Model at the level of 4 sigma, with much greater improvement on the horizon.

To properly assess the significance of the experimental results, tensions in the theoretical evaluation of the hadronic contributions need to first be resolved. In order to fully interpret the current and upcoming experimental results, it is essential to improve the theoretical uncertainty in difficult to compute hadronic contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment.

The primary purpose of this workshop is to bring together leading experts to assess the situation, resolve tensions between different theoretical calculations in lattice gauge theory and dispersive approaches, and to identify paths towards new breakthroughs. The latest developments on possible beyond the Standard Model explanations will also be discussed.

The first few overview talks, suitable for a broad audience, will also be part of the final talks at Mani-Fest, which is a separate conference celebrating the first five years of the Mani L. Bhaumik Institute for Theoretical Physics at UCLA, as well as Mani L. Bhaumik's 90th birthday. Registration is by invitation only.

Please contact Tom Blum for further information.

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Schwinger posterParticipants List

Achim Denig
Aida El-Khadra
Aneesh Manohar
Antoine Gerardin
Anton Rebhan
Antonio Rodri­guez Sanchez
Arkady Vainshtein
Balint Toth
Bhupal Dev
Christoph Lehner
Christopher Aubin
Craig McNeile
Elizabeth H Simmons
Enrico Herrmann
Enrico Sessolo
Ethan Neil
Finn Stokes
Gilberto Colangelo
Giuseppe Gagliardi
Graziano Venanzoni
Hartmut Wittig
Hyejung Stoeckinger-Kim
Jan Lüdtke
JiJi Fan
Johan Bijnens
Julian Heeck
Kamila Kowalska
Keh-Fei Liu
Lance Dixon
Laurent Lellouch
Leonardo Giusti
Luchang Jin
Maarten Golterman
Marina Marinkovic
Martin Hoferichter
Massimo Passera
Nathaniel Craig
Nils Hermansson-Truedsson
Paride Paradisi
R Sekhar Chivukula
Ruth Van de Water
Sebastian Baum
Simon Kuberski
Stephen R Sharpe
Steven Gottlieb
Sven Heinemeyer
Thomas Blum
Thomas Teubner
Tsutomu Mibe
Yoni Kahn
Zvi Bern
Elizabeth Jenkins
Nima Arkani-Hamed
Norimi Yokozaki
Peter Athron
Sean Lahert
Aaron Meyer
Antonin Portelli (Edinburgh)