Tuesday, April 27, 2021: TEP Seminar

 "TBA" by Steven Weinberg 

via Zoom 

Past events

TEP_ Seminar_Collier

Tuesday, June 16th: TEP Seminar

 "Virasoro bootstrap, universality, and pure gravity" by Scott Collier (Harvard)

4:00PM via Zoom 

TEP_ Seminar_Gorbenko

Tuesday, June 9th: TEP Seminar

 "Infrared Dynamics of Quantum Fields in Cosmology" by Victor Gorbenko (IAS)

4:00PM via Zoom 

TEP_ Seminar_Konstantinos

Tuesday, June 2nd: TEP Seminar

 " Two-Dimensional adjoint QCD and Topological Lines" by Konstantinos Roumpedakis (Stony Brook)

4:00PM via Zoom 

TEP_ Seminar_Kathryn

Tuesday, May 26th: TEP Seminar

 "Infrared Spacetime Fluctuations from Quantum Gravity" by Kathryn Zurek (Caltech)

4:00PM via Zoom 

TEP_ Seminar_Sasha

Tuesday, May 19th: TEP Seminar

 "An analytical toolkit for the S-matrix bootstrap." by Sasha Zhiboedov (CERN)

11:00AM via Zoom **Please note the change in time

TEP_ Seminar_Kraus

Tuesday, May 12th: TEP Seminar

 "Diabolical points in QFT and quantum lattice models" by Anton Kapustin (Caltech)

4:00PM via Zoom

TEP_ Seminar_Kraus

Tuesday, May 5th: TEP Seminar

 "Anomalous Dimensions from Thermal AdS Partition Functions" by Per Kraus (UCLA)

4:00PM via Zoom


Tuesday, April 28th: TEP Seminar 

 "New view on graviton scattering amplitudes" by Jaroslav Trnka (UC Davis)

4:00PM via Zoom


Tuesday, April 21st: TEP Seminar 

 "Playing with Topological Defects in 2d" by Ying Lin (Caltech)

4:00PM via Zoom


Tuesday, April 14th: TEP Seminar 

 "Loops, Trees, and Higgs EFTs" by Nathaniel Craig (UCSB)

4:00PM via Zoom

TEP_BLYSS Winter 2020

Friday, March 13th: BLYSS *POSTPONED*

 Speakers: Krishna Choudhary (UCLA) and Shu Zhang (UCLA)

12:00PM in PAB 4-330

Bhaumik Lecture_FREEDMAN

Tuesday, March 17th: Bhaumik Lecture *POSTPONED*

 "Supergravity, what it is (and what it isn't)"  by Daniel Z. Freedman (MIT)

4:00PM at CNSI

TEP_Joe Minahan

Tuesday, February 24th: TEP Seminar

 "Maximal supersymmetric Yang-Mills and their holographic duals" by Joseph Minahan (Uppsala)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


Friday, February, 21st: SCSS

Speakers: Juan Maldacena (IAS), Shu-Heng Shao (IAS), Douglas Stanford (Stanford), Andrew Strominger (Harvard)


 8:30AM-5:20PM in PAB 4-330

TEP_Parra Martinez

Tuesday, February 18th: TEP Seminar

 Group Discussion

4:00PM in PAB 4-330

TEP_Parra Martinez

Tuesday, February 11th: TEP Seminar

 "Universality in the classical limit of gravitational scattering" by Julio Parra-Martinez (UCLA)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


Tuesday, February 4th: TEP Seminar

 " Loop Amplitudes and Extra Dimensions in AdS/CFT" by Eric Perlmutter (Caltech)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


Tuesday, January 28th: TEP Seminar

 "Koszul duality in field theory & holography" by Natalie Paquette (Caltech)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330

Bhaumik Lecture_LEGGETT

Tuesday, January 21st: Bhaumik Lecture

 "Realism" and the physical world: implications of some recent experiments" by Anthony Leggett (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

4:00PM at CNSI

TEP_Luna Godoy

Tuesday, January 14th: TEP Seminar

 "Spinning binary Hamiltonian from scattering amplitudes" by Andres Luna Godoy (UCLA)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


Tuesday, January 7th: TEP Seminar

 "Confinement in 2d adjoint QCDby Aleksey Cherman (University of Minnesota)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


December 9-13th: QCD Meets Gravity 2019

For more information click here.

12:00PM in PAB 4-330

Bhaumik Lecture

Tuesday, December 10th: Bhaumik Lecture

 "The making of High-Precision Gravitational-Waves" by Alessandra Buonanno, Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute)

4:00PM at CNSI


Tuesday, December 3rd: TEP Seminar

"Spinning black holes versus higher-spin quantum particlesby Justin Vines (Max Planck Institute)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


Tuesday, November 19th: TEP Seminar

"Cardy formula for higher dimensional CFT from EFT"by Yifan Wang (Harvard)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


Tuesday, November 12th: TEP Seminar

"Lorentz symmetry fractionalizations and dualities in (2+1)dby Po-Shen Hsin (Caltech)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330

BLYSS_Fall 2019

Wednesday, November 13th: BLYSS

Speakers: Andrej Pustogow (UCLA) & Seth Pree (UCLA)

12:00PM in PAB 4-330


Tuesday, November 5th: TEP Seminar

 "Quantum extremal islands and the information paradoxby Ahmed Almheiri (IAS)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


Tuesday, October 29th: TEP Seminar

 N=2 Superconformal field theories from mixed branches and VOAsby Mario Martone (UT Austin)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


Tuesday, October 22ND: TEP Seminar

 "2+1 Dimensional Yang-Mills Theory" by Zohar Komargodski (SCGP)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


Tuesday, October 15th: TEP Seminar

 "A Kaluza-Klein spectrometer from exceptional field theory" by Emanuel Malek (Max Planck Institute)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


Tuesday, October 8th: TEP Seminar

 "Stress-testing the Standard Model" by Aneesh Manohar (UCSD)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


Tuesday, October 1st: TEP Seminar

 "A loopy excursion: from integrands to scattering amplitudes at higher loop order" by Enrico Herrmann (SLAC)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330

Special Seminar/Gralla

Thursday, July 25th: Special Seminar

 "Black Hole Shadows, Photon Rings, and the Event Horizon Telescope Obersvations" by Sam Gralla (University of Arizona)

PAB 4-330 @ 1PM

Bhaumik Luncheon

 Monday, June 10th: Bhaumik Luncheon Seminar

Speakers: Andrea Bertozzi (UCLA) and Nathan Whitehorn (UCLA)

12:00PM in PAB 4-330


 Wednesday, June 5th: TEP Seminar

"Bootstrapping Inflationary Fluctuations" by Guilherrme Pimentel (University of Amsterdam)

12:00PM in PAB 4-740


 Friday, May 31st: Bhaumik Young Scientist Seminar (BLYSS)

Speakers: Carl Goodrich (UCLA) and Janaki Sheth (UCLA)

12:00PM in PAB 4-330


 Tuesday, May 28th: Bhaumik Lecture

"Gravity and its Quantum Origins" by Leonard Susskind (Stanford)

6:00PM in Franz Hall 1178


 Tuesday, May 21st: TEP Seminar

"Two Dimensional de Sitter Gravity" by Gustavo Joaquin Turiaci (UC Santa Barbara)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


 Wednesday, May 8th: TEP Seminar

"Lowering the melting temperature of holographic mesons by means of a strong magnetic field" by Daniel Avila (UNAM)

12:00PM in PAB 4-740


 Tuesday, May 7th: TEP Seminar

"From Scattering Amplitudes to Classical Observables" by David Kosower (Saclay)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


 Friday, May 3rd: TEP Seminar

"Shocks, Superconvergence, and a Stringy Equivalence Principle" by David Simmons-Duffin (Caltech)

11:00AM in PAB 4-740


 Tuesday, April 30th: TEP Seminar

"Black hole finite size effects, Hawking radiation, and binary inspirals" by Walter Goldberg (Yale)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


 Tuesday, April 23rd: TEP Seminar

"A second lecture on Conformal Supergravity" by Sergio Ferrara (UCLA)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


 Tuesday, April 16th: TEP Seminar

"A lecture on Conformal Supergravity" by Sergio Ferrara (UCLA)

4:00PM in PAB 4-330


 Monday, April 8th: TEP Seminar

"Searching for whispers from beyond the standard model" by Simon Knapen 

10:30AM in PAB 4-330


April 4-6, 2019: Conference

A three day workshop in honor of Professor Sudip Chakravarty's 70th birthday.



Tuesday, April 4th: Bhaumik Lecture

"The Brayton Battery" by Robert Laughlin (Stanford)

5:00PM at the UCLA Luskin Center, Centennial Ballroom



 Thursday, April 4th: TEP Seminar

"Precision Physics for Sky Surveys" by Mikhail Solon (Caltech)

10:30AM in PAB 4-330


 Monday, April 1: TEP Seminar

"Fundamental Constraints for Fundamental Theories" by Rachel Rosen (Columbia)

10:30AM in PAB 4-330