California Amplitudes Meeting
October 10-12, 2016
UCLA Physics & Astronomy Department

This is the second in a series for meetings for researchers in California interested in scattering amplitudes. The first was held at UC Davis.

The focus is on recent topic in scattering amplitudes, including mathematical aspects of positive Grassmannian and Amplituhedron, non-planar on-shell diagrams, ratio functions in N=4 SYM, symbols and the basis of hexagon functions, multi-loop integrated amplitude, the CHY formula, BCJ duality, double-copy relations and applications to effective field theories.

Organizers: Zvi Bern (UCLA), Clifford Cheung (Caltech), Lance Dixon (SLAC), Jaroslav Trnka (UC Davis).

Meeting schedule

Monday October 10 - Wednesday October 12, 2016

Coffee starts at 11 AM on Monday. No talks in the morning to give people extra time to arrive.

Monday afternoon discussion leaders (start at 1:30):
1) Georgios Papathanasiou
2) Andrew McLeod
3) Enrico Herrmann

Tuesday morning: (start at 9:30 AM)
1) Chia-Hsien Shen
2) Huan-Hang Chi
3) Arnab Rudra

Tuesday afternoon (start at 1:30 PM):
1) Julio Parra Martinez and Michael Enciso
2) Mao Zeng
3) Wei-Ming Chen

Wednesday October 12, 2016: (finish 4 PM)
Open discussion and/or collaborations.

The default length for talks is 45 minutes, though discussion can push that longer.


Monday October 10 - Wednesday October 12, 2016

Zvi Bern, UCLA
Wei-Ming Chen, UCLA
David Chester, UCLA
Huan-Hang Chi, Stanford University/SLAC
Lance Dixon, SLAC
Alex Edison, UCLA
Michael Enciso, UCLA
Enrico Herrmann, Caltech
Andrew McLeod, SLAC
Georgios Papathanasiou, SLAC
Julio Parra Martinez, UCLA
Arnab Rudra, UC Davis
Chia-Hsien Shen, Caltech
Jaroslav Trnka, UC Davis
Mao Zeng, UCLA