QCD Meets Gravity Workshop 2017

December 11th-15th, 2017
UCLA Physics & Astronomy Department

ACD Group

This is the third in a series of meetings for researchers interested in the remarkable correspondence between Yang-Mills theory and gravity, known as the double-copy construction. An early manifestation of this is the KLT relations.

The BCJ double-copy construction has greatly simplified multiloop perturbative computations in gravity theories, leading to new insight into the ultraviolet properties of gravity theories. Currently there an intense global research activity to understand the origin of the relation as well as to apply it to more general classical solutions in General Relativity. This meeting will bring together experts in both QCD and gravity (including supersymmetric extensions), and focus on the development of common methodologies for handling both theories.

Organizers: Zvi Bern (UCLA), Clifford Chueng (Caltech), Donal O'Connell (Edinburgh), Radu Roiban (Penn State), Jaroslav Trnka (UC Davis), Henrik Johansson (Uppsala).

Workshop schedule

Regular Talks: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Discussions: Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.

Regular Talk slots are 25+5 minutes and Student Talks are 20+5 minutes.

Monday December 11th, 2017: UCLA Faculty Center
8:45-9:05 Zvi Bern - Welcome_to_Bhaumik_Institute
9:05-9:35 Yu-tin Huang - UV slash IR polytopes - carving out the space of consistent gauge and gravity theories
9:35-10:05 Yvonne Geyer - Ambitwistor_Strings_ at_Loop_Level
10:05-10:35 Eduardo Casali - Scattering_on_plane_waves
10:35-11:05 Coffee (30 minutes)
11:05-11:35 Congkao Wen - M5-brane and D-brane Scattering amplitudes
11:35-12:05 Song He- Scattering Forms and the Positive Geometry of Kinematics, Color and the Worldsheet
12:05-12:35 Jake Bourjaily - Generalized Prescriptive Unitarity
12:35-2:05 Lunch (90 minutes)
2:05-2:35 Discussion
2:35-3:05 Tim Adamo - "The double copy on plane waves" (no presentation available)
3:05-3:50 Ira Rothstein - The Field Theoretic Challenges of Precision Gravitational Wave Templates
3:50-4:20 Coffee (30 minutes)
4:20-4:45 Yun Tao Bai - Positive Geometries and Canonical Forms - Scattering Amplitudes and the Associahedron
4:45-5:10 Kai Roehrig -"The Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations and scattering in curved space"
5:10-5:35 Julio Parra-Martinez -  Cancellation of anomalous amplitudes in N=4 supergravity

Tuesday December 12th, 2017: UCLA Faculty Center
8:45-9:15 Ellis Yuan - “Some Aspects of Perturbation in AdS”.
9:15-9:45 Alexandros Anastasiou - The Yang-Mills origin of all homogeneous N=2 supergravities
9:45-10:15 Silvia Nagy - Are all gravity solutions YM^2?
10:15-10:45 Coffee (30 minutes)
10:45-11:15 Piotr Tourkine - On the mysterious windings of twisted strings
11:15-11:45 Marco Chiodaroli - Gauged supergravities from the double copy
11:45-12:15 John Joseph Carrasco - 5-loops in supergravity
12:15-1:45 Lunch (90 minutes)
1:45-2:15 Enrico Hermann - Gravity integrands from the IR to the UV
2:15-2:45 Simon Caron-Huot - Are (supersymmetric) black hole orbits integrable
2:45-3:15 Discussion
3:15-4:00 Coffee (45 minutes)
4:00-4:30 Oliver Schlotterer- The double-copy structure of one-loop open-string amplitudes
4:30-4:55 Mritunjay Verma - Multiple soft graviton theorem in quantum gravity
4:55-5:20 Sebastian Mizera - KLT Relations from Intersection Theory

Conference Dinner, 6:30 p.m., UCLA Faculty Center

Wednesday Morning December 13th, 2017: UCLA Faculty Center
8:45-9:30 Alessandra Buonanno - The New Era of Precision Gravitational-Wave (astro)Physics
9:30-10:00 Pierpaolo Mastrolia - Diagrammatic approach to the two-body dynamics at 4PN O(G^5)
10:00-10:30 Alexander Ochirov - Double Copy for Classical Gravity
10:30-10:55 Coffee (25 minutes) 
10:55-11:25 Walter Goldberger - Bound states, spinning particles, and the classical double copy
11:25-11:55 Gustav Mogull - Two-loop fundamental colour-kinematics duality
11:55-12:20 Alexander K. Ridgway - The Classical Double Copy and the Two-Body Problem
12:20-12:45 Alfredo Guevara - Holomorphic Classical Limit for Spin Effects in Gravitational Scattering
Wednesday December 13th, 2017 Afternoon: discussion and/or free time on 4th floor of the UCLA Physics and Astronomy Building or visit the sights of Los Angeles!

Thursday December 14th, 2017: Gravity waves, post-Newtonian discussion day at CalTech. Discussion leaders: Alessandra Buonanno, Clifford Cheung, Pierpaolo Mastrolia, Donal O'Connell, Walter Goldberger.

Jan Steinhoff - Tidal and spin effects in compact astrophysical binaries
Justin Vines - Spinning binary black holes
4:00-5:00 Nima Arkani-Hamed - "Marble Statues in the Forest Beyond Quantum Mechanics and Spacetime"

For those of you who don't want to travel themselves to CalTech we are providing a bus service for the group tomorrow morning:

TWO 38 passenger Coach Buses: Pick Up @ 8:00 AM from the Campus Express Bus Stop #7 on Charles E. Young Dr. East; west of Murphy Hall and parallel to Dickson Court South. This is one building north of the Faculty Center and then west across the street: click here for google map or click here to use the interactive campus map by typing in "Murphy Hall". Drop Off @ the Lauritsen Laboratory; Caltech – 1225-1247 E. California Blvd Pasadena, 91125 

TWO 38 passenger Coach Buses: Pick Up @ 6:00 PM from the Lauritsen Laboratory; Caltech – 1225-1247 E. California Blvd Pasadena, 91125. Drop Off @ the Campus Express Bus Stop #7 on Charles E. Young Dr. East; west of Murphy Hall and parallel to Dickson Court South

Friday December 15th, 2017: Open discussions on 4th floor of the UCLA Physics and Astronomy Building. Discussion leader: Lionel Mason on twistor strings. Other topics to follow.



1. Zvi Bern, UCLA
2. Clifford Cheung, Caltech
3. Henrik Johansson, Uppsala/Nordita
4. Donal O'Connell, Edinburgh
5. Radu Roiban, Penn State
6. Jaroslav Trnka, UC Davis
Traveling Attendees

1. Tim Adamo, Imperial
2. Alexandros Anastasiou, Nordita
3. Nima Arkani-Hamed, IAS
4. Thales Azevdeo, Uppsala
5. Yuntao Bai, Princeton
6. N. Emil J. Bjerrum-Bohr, NBI
7. Leron Borsten, DIAS
8. Jacob Bourjaily, NBI
9. Alessandra Buonanno, AEI Potsdam
10. Carlos Cardona, NBI
11. Simon Caron-Huot, McGill
12. John Joseph Carrasco, IPhT
13. Eduardo Casali, Oxford
14. Gang Chen, Uppsala
15. Marco Chiodaroli, Uppsala
16. Poul Henrik Damgaard, NBI
17. Lance Dixon, SLAC
18. Michael Duff, Imperial
19. Yvonne Geyer, IAS
20. Walter Goldberger, Yale
21. Michael Green, Cambridge
22. Alfredo Guevara, Perimeter
23. Song He, Beijing
24. Enrico Herrmann, SLAC
25. Yu-tin Huang, National Taiwan University
26. David Kosower, IPhT
27. Lionel Mason, Oxford
28. Pierpaolo Mastrolia, Padova University
29. Andrew McLeod, NBI
30. Sebastian Mizera, Perimeter
31. Gustav Mogull, Uppsala
32. Ricardo Monteiro, Queen Mary
33. Silvia Nagy, University of Nottingham
34. Dhritiman Nandan, Univeristy of Edinburgh
35. Alexander Ochirov, ETH Zurich
36. Kai Roehrig, Cambridge
37. Ira Rothstein, Carnegie Mellon
38. Oliver Schlotterer, AEI Potsdam
39. Jan Steinhoff, AEI Potsdam
40. Fei Teng, Uppsala
41. Piotr Tourkine, Cambridge
42. Mritunjay Verma, Harish Chadra Research Institute
43. Justin Vines, AEI Potsdam
44. Matt von Hippel, NBI
45. Gang Yang, Beijing
46. Ellis Yuan, IAS
47. Michele Zoccali, Imperial
Local Attendees

1. Wei-Ming Chen, UCLA