Workshop Details

December 9-13, 2019

Location: IPAM, UCLA 


This is the fifth in a series of meetings for researchers interested in the remarkable correspondence between Yang-Mills theory and gravity, known as the double-copy construction. An early manifestation of this is the KLT relations.  The BCJ double-copy construction has greatly simplified multiloop perturbative computations in gravity theories, leading to new insight into the ultraviolet properties of gravity theories. Currently there an intense global research activity to understand the origin of the relation as well as to apply it to more general classical solutions in General Relativity, including the important problem of gravitational radiation from compact astrophysical objects. This meeting brings together experts in both gauge and gravity theories including supersymmetric extensions, and focus bringing the methodologies developed for gauge theories to handle problems in gravity.

Directions & Map

Please click here for campus map.

Relevant locations on the map include:

  • UCLA Guest House: lodging 
  • IPAM (on map as Portola): workshop venue
  • Faculty Center: banquet location
  • California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI): Bhaumik Lecture and reception venue

Lodging information: 

UCLA Guest House
330 Charles E Young Drive East
Los Angeles, CA 90095
(310) 825-2923

If lodging has been arranged for you, please check your lodging reservation at the UCLA Guest House here.


Talk slots are 25+5 minutes

*Talk slides are not available

Monday Dec. 9,  IPAM

    8:40-8:45        Zvi Bern: Welcome

    8:45-9:30        Marco Chiadoroli, "The web of double-copy constructible theories" 

    9:30-10:00      Oliver Schlotterer, "Differential equations of one-loop string integrals"  

   10:00-10:30      Eduardo Casali, "Monodromy relations from twisted homology"

   10:30-11:00     Coffee (30 minutes)

   11:00-11:30       Piotr Tourkine, “Stringy monodromies, their field theory limit, and BCJ”  

   11:30-12:00      Gustav Mogull, "Infrared & transcendental structure of 2-loop super-QCD amplitudes"  

   12:00-12:30      Jaroslav Trnka, "Towards the Gravituhedron" 

   12:30-2:15        Lunch

    2:15-3:30         Discussion time

    3:30-4:00        Coffee (30 minutes)

    4:00-5:00         Discussion time


Tuesday Dec. 10, IPAM

    8:45-9:15           Mikhail Solon, "Binary Black Hole Dynamics at 3PM" 

    9:15-9:45           Mao Zeng, "Towards 4th-Post-Minkowskian Potential" 

    9:45-10:15         Ramy Brustein, "Black Hole Love Story 

   10:15-10:45       Coffee (30 minutes)

   10:45-11:15        Michele Levi, "State of the Art in Post-Newtonian Theory" 

   11:15-11:45        Jan Steinhoff, "(New) perspectives on the relativistic binary problem"

   11:45-12:15        Justin Vines, "Test black holes, amplitudes, and perturbations of Kerr"  

   12:15-12:45        Poul Henrik Damgaard, "Eikonal Limit and Post-Minkowskian Scattering" 

   12:45-2:00          Lunch

    2:00-2:30           Alfredo Guevara,"Gravitational Wave Scattering" 

    2:30-3:00           Natalia T. Maia. 2PN dynamics of compact binary systems in the EFT approach 

    3:00-3:30           Andreas Maier, "The static gravitational potential at fifth order"

    3:30-4:00           Bhaumik Tea (CNSI Lobby)

    4:00-5:30           Alessandra Buonanno, Bhaumik Lecture  (CNSI)

   Reception  5:30 PM, CNSI


Wed. Dec. 11 Morning  IPAM

     8:45-9:15          David Kosower, "Waveforms from Amplitudes" 

     9:15-9:45          Emil Bjerrum-Bohr, "From scattering amplitudes to classical gravity"

     9:45-10:15        Gregor Kalin, “Boundary Data Meets Bound States”

    10:15-10:45      Coffee (30 minutes)

    10:45-11:15       Gabriele Veneziano, "Soft gravitational radiation from ultra-relativistic gravitational collision" 

    11:15-11:45       Paolo Di Vecchia, "A tale of two exponentiations in N=8 supergravity" 

    11:45-12:15      Julio Parra-Martinez, "Universality in the classical limit of gravitational scattering"

    12:15-12:45      Chia-Hsien Shen, "Exponentiation and EFT" *

    12:45-2:15        Lunch

     2:15-3:30         Free afternoon

     3:30-4:00        Coffee (30 minutes)

     4:00-6:00         Free afternoon 


Thur. Dec. 12 Morning  IPAM

     8:45-9:15         Pierre Vanhove, “Dark energy in laboratory" 

     9:15-9:45         Enrico Herrmann, "4,5,6, infinity - Two-loop n-point amplitudes in N=4 super-Yang-Mills                                     meet two-loop 6-point supergravity amplitudes"  

     9:45-10:15       Fei Teng, “SUSY decomposition and BCJ numerators from forward limits”

    10:15-10:45 Coffee (30 minutes)

    10:45-11:15       Ricardo Monteiro, "The Classical Double Copy of a Point Charge" 

    11:15-11:45       Alexander Ochirov, "Scattering of spinning black holes from amplitudes 

    11:45-12:15       Laurentiu Rodina, "Higher-derivative corrections from mixing color and kinematics"

    12:15-12:45      Tim Adamo, "MHV amplitudes on a self-dual plane wave" 

    12:45-2:15        Lunch

     2:15-3:15         Discussion time   

     3:15-3:45        Coffee (30 min)

     3:45-6:00         Discussion time

     6:30                 Conference dinner at the Faculty Center *Wine reception starts at 6PM.


Friday. Dec. 13 Morning  IPAM

     8:45-9:15        Lance Dixon, "N=4 meets N=8 at 2 loops and 5 legs" 

     9:15-9:45        Andres Luna, "Spinning binary Hamiltonian from Amplitudes" *

     9:45-10:15      Zixin Yang, "Dynamical Renormalization Group Method on Spin-Orbit precession"

    10:15-10:45    Coffee (30 minutes)

    10:45-11:15     Silvia Nagy, "Gravity from BRST squared"   

    11:15-11:45     Eric Sawyer, "Anomalous Dimensions from On-Shell Methods" 

    11:45-12:15     Lionel Mason, "Lie polynomials and a Penrose transform for the double copy"  

    12:15-12:45     Henrik Johansson, "Perspectives on the double copy: Outlook and Summary"

    12:45-2:00      Lunch

     2:00-3:30       Discussion time

     3:30-4:00       Coffee (30 minutes)

     4:00-6:00       Discussion time


  1. Zvi Bern, UCLA        
  2. Clifford Cheung, Caltech    
  3. Donal O'Connell, Edinburgh     
  4. John Joseph Carrasco, Northwestern  
  5. Radu Roiban, Penn State
  6. Ira Rothstein, Carnegie Mellon

List of Participants:

  1. Adam Leibovich, University of Pittsburgh
  2. Alessandra Buonanno, Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute)
  3. Alex Edison, Uppsala         
  4. Alexander L. Moss, Caltech  
  5. Alexander Ochirov, ETH Zurich    
  6. Alexander Ridgway, UCSD    
  7. Alfredo Guevara, Perimeter                 
  8. Andrea Cristofoli, NBI
  9. Andreas Martin Maier, DESY, Bluemlien            
  10. Andres Luna Godoy, UCLA   
  11. Andrew McLeod, NBI             
  12. Aneesh Manohar, UCSD
  13. Callum Jones, University of Michigan
  14. Cameron Langer, UC Davis
  15. Chia-Hsien Shen, UCLA                                          
  16. David Kosower, Saclay                      
  17. Dimitrios Kosmopoulos, UCLA
  18. Ding Yu Shao, UCLA     
  19. Eduardo Casali, UC Davis                                    
  20. Elizabeth Jenkins, UCSD
  21. Enrico Herrmann, SLAC 
  22. Eric D'Hoker, UCLA                     
  23. Eric Sawyer, UCLA      
  24. Fei Teng, Uppsala
  25. Gabriele Veneziano, CERN                        
  26. Gregor Kälin , Uppsala
  27. Guilherme Pimentel, Amsterdam  
  28. Gustav Mogull, Uppsala
  29. Henrik Johansson, Uppsala University and Nordita
  30. Ingrid Vazquez-Holm, Saclay 
  31. James St. Germaine-Fuller, Caltech  
  32. Jan Steinhoff, Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute)                         
  33. Jaroslav Trnka, UC Davis
  34. Jingping Li, Yale
  35. Joseph Minahan, Uppsala
  36. Juan Pablo Gatica, UCLA  
  37. Julio Parra Martínez, UCLA                           
  38. Justin Vines, Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute)
  39. Kanghoon Lee, IBS Korea                        
  40. Kays Haddad, NBI                     
  41. Lance Dixon, SLAC
  42. Laura Johnson, Case Western Reserve
  43. Laurentiu Rodina, Saclay                      
  44. Leron Borsten, Dublin
  45. Lionel Mason , Oxford                      
  46. Mao Zeng, ETH
  47. Marco Chiodaroli, Uppsala
  48. Maria Derda, Caltech
  49. Matt Lewandowski, Northwestern                   
  50. Matt von Hippel, NBI            
  51. Matthew Heydeman, Princeton/IAS
  52. Michael Gutperle, UCLA 
  53. Michael Ruf, University of Freiburg      
  54. Michele Levi, Saclay                       
  55. Mikhail Solon, Caltech
  56. Minshan Zheng, UC Davis                      
  57. N. Emil Bjerrum-Bohr, NBI
  58. Nabha Shah, Caltech                      
  59. Natalia Maia Tenorio, Pittsburg
  60. Nicholas Pavao, Northwestern
  61. Nick Geiser, UCLA                          
  62. Oliver Schlotterer, Uppsala University                 
  63. Paolo Di Vecchia, Nordita                 
  64. Pierpaolo Mastrolia, MPP                         
  65. Pierre Vanhove,  Saclay                      
  66. Piotr Tourkine, LPTHE, Paris                   
  67. Poul Henrik Damgaard, NBI   
  68. Ramy Brustein, Ben Gurion                
  69. Ricardo Monteiro, Queen Mary
  70. Shruti Paranjape, University of Michigan                  
  71. Silvia Nagy, Nottingham
  72. Terry Tomboulis, UCLA
  73. Thomas Dumitrescu, UCLA
  74. Suna Zekioglu, Northwestern                   
  75. Tim Adamo, University of Edinburgh  
  76. Yuntao Bai, Caltech
  77. Zhongbo Kang, UCLA      
  78. Zixin Yang, Pittsburgh